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Product Review Articles

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January 2018
#Repost ❤️ @skinfullofseoul
" think the products are lovely, and I'm interested in checking out their body products now too."
@skinfullofseoul - January 2018Read More
@laura_bruj - December 2017
Facial Serum Review
#repost ❤️ @laura_bruj

"... theCream Facial Serum has been doing some amazing things to my skin when it's super dry and problematic. It feels instantly plump, this serum has been so amazing, I just love it!"
- Laura Bruj, ❤️ January 2018Read More
Eye Serum
Facial Cleanser and Eye Serum Review - ElenaLand13
#Repost❤️ @ElenaLand13
"If you haven't found yet an eye cream that makes your concealer look amazing just try this one!"

The Age Defying Eye Serum has helped the dryness around my eyes, my skin is so much more elastic, bright and smooth. I don't think this eye serum will erase your wrinkles but for sure it will calm, nourish your skin and prevent new wrinkles to form. I don't have any puffiness or severe dark circles under my eyes and for this reasons I can't say if the product helps with these issues.

My skin is very dry and prone to eczema and my eyes are very sensitive to cosmetic products, and its been really difficult for me to find something that doesn't make my eyes red or give a burning sensation around my eye area.

I am really happy that I have not experienced any discomfort or irritation while using this Age Defying Eye Serum from theCream. The formulation is so gentle and light that it can be used on eyelids as well.

Regarding my makeup, since I used this eye serum, my concealer looks amazing, it goes on so smooth and it never creases or sets in my fine lines. If you haven't found yet an eye cream that makes your concealer look amazing just try this one!
- By @ElenaLand13, December 2017Read More
"This serum is for people with dry and aging skin, and itís amazing under makeup, ...
Laura Bruj - Facial SERUM review - August 2017
"The moisturizing effects are immediate, the skin looks more plump and even.

This serum is for people with dry and aging skin, and itís amazing under makeup, giving a luminous boost.

Overall I was so pleasantly impressed about this brand.The products are 0%BULL and they perform amazing.Colostrum is a very rich substance, and that has immediate results when applied on skin, and I believe with continue use, they are improving the skin elasticity, giving a more youthful appearance."
Laura Bruj - August 2017Read More
Colostrum in Face Cream?! YES!!
June 7, 2016 -
When I first realized that the Cream I was about to be using contained cowís colostrum, I was a bit thrown off. For one, I am dairy intolerant and didnít want to break out in some nasty rash. I was also nervous about the smell of the products, not to mention the ďethicalĒ side of it all and just the plain fact of putting Colostrum on my face.Read More
Bam! Here I am in all my glory.
I can't get enough of this cream and the fact that I noticed a difference in my skin after the first application speaks wonders about it.Read More
My Glowing Skin Secrets
I was using this just once a day and my skin looked so much healthier, it felt super smooth to the touch, it was plumper, and my make up was going on so much easier. Itís non-greasy, it sinks in quickly, doesnít have a strong smell. I donít have anything bad to say about this product!...Read More
I absolutely love everything about it, I can't rate it highly enough.
This is such an exciting brand and I am so glad I have been given an opportunity to try it out. The entire range consists of a lip cream, eye cream, personal relief cream, a repair cream for problematic areas (need), hand cream, a body cream, a body elixir, a face serum and a men's range! Super impressive.Read More
Lorraine Keane shares her favorite beauty products
I was a little apprehensive at first, but being a beauty product junkie I was intrigued enough to try it. I have been using it for three months now and honestly, my skin has never been better, brighter and clearer (I suffer from bouts of adult acne, so I know!).Read More
My Holy Grail Moisturiser
It most definitely surpassed all of my expectations and has become a firm staple product in my daily skincare routine. I have always suffered with acne and oily skin, but in the last few months my skin has really calmed down and I don't suffer from many huge breakouts any more, thank God.Read More
I'm definitely going to keep using theCream in my skincare routine
I'm definitely going to keep using theCream in my skincare routine
I am a huge fan of natural skincare products, I've seen how well the work on my skin. My skin is usually quite clear but last year I was suffering from constant breakouts and nothing I used was helping. I honestly believe this is what cleared those up because I wasn't using anything else on my skin.

Original Article   
Face Nourishing Cream Voted Best Facial Moisturizer
Beauty experts and moms across the USA tested and reviewed hundreds of products and voted theCream Face as the Best Facial Moisturizer in the recent Kiwi Magazine 2015 Natural Beauty Awards. These awards honor the best of the best, products were scored on quality and performance.Read More
I just had to share something I have been absolutely l-o-v-i-n-g with you...
I have been using this cream morning and night and the difference in my face is amazing. It has seriously got to be one of the best moisturisers I have used. The tone and texture of my skin is improved, I have fewer spots and even the problem pores on my nose seem reduced, not to mention...Read More
Product Review. theCream Face
After 4 weeks of use I noticed the redness in my skin had significantly reduced, and my skin was a lot more calmer than ever before. I also noticed less congestion around my nose and chin area (something I suffer with a lot) and my pores were less visible. Itís quite incredible that in such a short space of time, I could really start to see results!Read More
Ruby Laine's first experience with theCream
I absolutely love this moisturizer and would certainly say it is the best that I have ever used. I have been using the product for almost two months so it has received a very fair and realistic trial.Read More
The New Miracle Cream
If you haven't already heard about theCream from The Pink Cow Brand, then you soon will! This award winning collection of skincare, is swiftly gaining fans from beauty experts and lovers the world over. They are gaining such notoriety due to the use of no fillers, no added water and 100% natural ingredients.Read More
The safest, richest, most nurturing skin care
Made just for the face, I tried The Cream. (You can also mix it with foundation for flawless makeup.) It has a delicious citrusy scent, and though itís thick and rich, it doesnít feel greasy or heavy at all. Best of all, I swear my skin looked healthier.Read More
Banish Away Dull Skin with theCream
Ladies, I honestly canít tell you enough how much I am loving this moisturiser. I am not normally one to rave about skin care, as I tend to find it a little boring, but this stuff is unbelievable.Read More
Colostrum, the Latest Beauty Buzzword.
Forget the anti-ageing effects of snail slime Ė the latest buzzword among beauty industry insiders is colostrum. Hailed as the wrinkle-busting holy grail, bovine colostrum or cowís first milk is big news Down Under where it can be found in everything from supplements to high-end beauty creamsRead More
theCream gets tested on eczema skin
I was a bit nervous about putting it on. However, Iíve had absolutely no problems, and it has helped to ease the dryness quite a bit. The face cream is really where I was blown away . I have never used a cream before that immediately made my face feel like it had been touched by an angel.Read More
theCream Wins Best Hand Cream in 2015 Beauty Awards
Best Hand
theCream Moisturizing Age Repair Hand Cream
The secret in this ultrahydrating hand cream: New Zealand cow colostrum. Used to repair skin cells and tissues, it joins forces with healing ingredients such as aloe, bentonite clay, and hemp oil.Read More
theCream, The Perfect Moisturiser
I have only used the cream for maybe 2 and a half weeks but already I have seen a whole turn around in both my skins texture and glow. I no longer have lacklustre skin and the horrible dry patches have thankfully faded away to leave me with incredibly soft skin.Read More
Wonder Cream in a Tube
Wonder Cream in a Tube
Iíve just finished the tube of nourishing face cream, and I have seen the results of the repair cream. I should really of taken before and after pictures because although I can really see a difference in my skin, I would have loved to have seen the results in picture form! But, I can honestly say, WOW!   
You can literally apply it head-to-toe!
From itchy scalps to sore feet this multi purpose cream is the cleaner healthier skin option to Elizabeth Ardenís 8 Hour Cream. This super concentrated cream is loved by surfers and golfers because of its power to heal nicks and minor cuts.Read More
The Holy Grail Moisturiser
Have a look at your skincare routine and tell me you know what half the stuff you're putting on your face is. I didn't, until I started using this! It's all good, natural, kind to skin ingredients, perfect for sensitive skin. Since using TheCream, my skin has been great. It's more even, less dry, and so much brighter.Read More
Viewing 1 to 26 (of 26 items)


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