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January 2018
   #Repost ❤️ @skinfullofseoul
" think the products are lovely, and I'm interested in checking out their body products now too."
@skinfullofseoul - January 2018 Read More
@laura_bruj - December 2017
   Facial Serum Review
#repost ❤️ @laura_bruj

"... theCream Facial Serum has been doing some amazing things to my skin when it's super dry and problematic. It feels instantly plump, this serum has been so amazing, I just love it!"
- Laura Bruj, ❤️ January 2018 Read More
Eye Serum
   Facial Cleanser and Eye Serum Review - ElenaLand13
#Repost❤️ @ElenaLand13
"If you haven't found yet an eye cream that makes your concealer look amazing just try this one!"

The Age Defying Eye Serum has helped the dryness around my eyes, my skin is so much more elastic, bright and smooth. I don't think this eye serum will erase your wrinkles but for sure it will calm, nourish your skin and prevent new wrinkles to form. I don't have any puffiness or severe dark circles under my eyes and for this reasons I can't say if the product helps with these issues.

My skin is very dry and prone to eczema and my eyes are very sensitive to cosmetic products, and its been really difficult for me to find something that doesn't make my eyes red or give a burning sensation around my eye area.

I am really happy that I have not experienced any discomfort or irritation while using this Age Defying Eye Serum from theCream. The formulation is so gentle and light that it can be used on eyelids as well.

Regarding my makeup, since I used this eye serum, my concealer looks amazing, it goes on so smooth and it never creases or sets in my fine lines. If you haven't found yet an eye cream that makes your concealer look amazing just try this one!
- By @ElenaLand13, December 2017 Read More
"This serum is for people with dry and aging skin, and it’s amazing under makeup, ...
   Laura Bruj - Facial SERUM review - August 2017
"The moisturizing effects are immediate, the skin looks more plump and even.

This serum is for people with dry and aging skin, and it’s amazing under makeup, giving a luminous boost.

Overall I was so pleasantly impressed about this brand.The products are 0%BULL and they perform amazing.Colostrum is a very rich substance, and that has immediate results when applied on skin, and I believe with continue use, they are improving the skin elasticity, giving a more youthful appearance."
Laura Bruj - August 2017 Read More
   Colostrum in Face Cream?! YES!!
June 7, 2016 - www.healthyfitfabmoms.com
When I first realized that the Cream I was about to be using contained cow’s colostrum, I was a bit thrown off. For one, I am dairy intolerant and didn’t want to break out in some nasty rash. I was also nervous about the smell of the products, not to mention the “ethical” side of it all and just the plain fact of putting Colostrum on my face. Read More
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