This book explains the most momentous of all subjects in the most simple, but sincere folksy banter.

By Hope Bank

This stunning little book references the Kardashians and Quantum Physics in its quest to explain the most momentous of all subjects in the most simple, but sincere folksy banter.

Another of this author’s books, Electrical Nutrition, had a greater impact on my life than any book I’ve ever read.  And that’s saying a lot, since nutrition and self help are my favorite genres.

Thanks to its brilliant, cogent message about the keys to health and life, the moment I finished the book, I threw the emergency brake on my direction in life, turned 180 degrees and began anew.  

I instantly lost weight, felt energized, got happy and never looked back. 

I had it all wrong, and you probably do too. 

What is your skin?  What are you applying cream to?

As Hiestand puts it, “not just this thin, leaky, leather-like encasement that holds all the other bits from falling out … but rather … a living biological farm made up of billions of unseen critters.”  

And like the food you eat, if the beauty products you use are not alive, i.e. –  DO NOT ROT QUICKLY if exposed to oxygen, then they are dead and do nothing save hasten the demise of your skin and health. 

Nutrition is not bit of mass.  It is the high vibrations of energy.  

Most food and beauty products vibrations are so low, they are deader than a rock.  They impart no health, life, beauty whatsoever.  In fact, they hasten the opposite of all those things because of their toxic, life-killing ingredients.

This concept of determining the value of food and beauty products by their vibrational frequency and how fast they rot is the most important beauty and nutritional concept you can grasp, period.  

Everything else, every other nutritional detail, is meaningless compared to this.

The energetic value, the frequency at which something vibrates is the thing that matters to you.  If a pile of vitamins is not alive it does you no good to eat it  

How Hiestand finally managed to create a beauty product which is ALIVE and in vibrational sync with your skin is an odyssey of determination and genius.

The truth of this book’s message is so gobsmackingly obvious, chances are you’ll be like me, and upon finishing it you’ll never be the same.  

It will feel like your eyes have been opened and now you can see exactly how you got to where you are.

And how a true version of health and beauty, emanating throughout from deeply within, can be naturally yours.


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