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It feels so nice to see that love-fueled customer service is still a thing in 2023

Mari K. Oct 2023

I am loving your facial serum so much. I have ditched all my other products, and only use yours now. And my face has looked so even in skin tone when I wake up in the morning, it’s crazy. Even my colleague commented on it. When I came down for breakfast, barefaced, she said “it looks like you have foundation on”

I like your products very much

Lynda S. May 2023

Especially the eye cream. I’m seeing beautiful results.

Love the Body Elixir

Jan T. Sept 2023

Thanks so much for your help. The body elixir is the most amazing product – best thing ever for my old skin.

I am very happy with the products I have purchased

Kathryn C. June 2023

I can see a difference in my face, and others have made comments about my face looking fuller (in a good way). I don’t know if nice plump skin is making that difference or what, but I do see that change.   My skin/face had such a flatness too it but now looks plump and alive.  There’s other positives I could point out as well.  Anyway, that is all with using the cleanser, serum, face cream, and eye cream. 

Hand Cream is Amazing

Janet H. July 2021

Two weeks ago I burned the top of my right hand on a toaster oven, and it was awful looking. I tried Aloe and then remembered theCream! I have been using it regularly on my burn and I barely have a mark now. I truly believe its theCream that made such a huge difference. Thank you so much.

Even Deep Wrinkles Softening!

Suzanne V. January 2020

theCream is better than the three other well-recommended products I was using. I am noticing even my deep wrinkles are softening! Good Luck and thank you for making this good product.

Your Products are Amazing!

Cynthia G. December 2019

I am 66 and had such problems with dry skin. I am using theCream Face and Eye cream. I can’t believe how good my skin looks. I’m looking forward to trying more of your products. Thank you!

Major Win with Repair Cream!

Josie R. November 2019

I have just had a major win with the Repair Cream. I had a little sore on my neck which wouldn’t heal, so I religiously used the Repair Cream twice per day for about 3 weeks. Now it is completely healed! Thank you theCream

I Love Your Products ! Thank you so much.

Amalia P. MD August 2019


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