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Healthy Beauty, Ageless Beauty

Book by Denie Hiestand
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Healthy Beauty, Ageless Beauty - by Denie Hiestand
Contents & Foreword
Copyright © 2016 Denie Hiestand. All rights reserved.
ISBN-13: 978-1539014676
ISBN-10: 1539014673

Acknowledgments Foreword
Ch1 - Energy is Everything 1
Ch2 - An Honorable Cause 5
Ch3 - Anti-Aging Lifestyle 8
Ch4 - How to Slow Aging 21
Ch5 - Anti-Aging Food 32
Ch6 - Ageless Beauty 46
Ch7 - Creating our Disease 55Read More
Healthy Beauty, Ageless Beauty - Book by Denie Hiestand
Chapter 1. Energy is Everything
There are millions of words written about health and beauty, and more millions written about those crazy terms: “anti-aging” and “ageless.”
So yes; I hear you saying: “What? Another book on health, beauty, and anti-aging?”

Yea, I get it, and I react the same when I see yet another new book on these subjects. And if I read them I am usually, like you, confused, conflicted, and left with no real answers -- well not the answers I wanted at any rate.Read More
Healthy Beauty, Ageless Beauty, Book by Denie Hiestand
Chapter 2. An Honorable Cause
Most of us think that being honorable means doing the right thing for others, and that’s true. But the most honorable action is being true to ourselves, honoring this body we live in, honoring our being-ness, our life, our being alive. Yes, we only really have our bodies in which to experience this life. Everybody and everything else is outside of us – add-ons, accompaniments. Sure, those all make life way more meaningful for us, but they are only extensions of our own experiences. All our loves, joys, sorrows, fun and laughter, everybody and everything we experience outside of ourselves can only be experienced because we are we, us, living in this body of ours. Without this body that is us, we have no experience on this earth. Well, not that we remember anyhow.Read More
Viewing 1 to 3 (of 3 items)

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Healthy Beauty, Ageless Beauty

Healthy Beauty, Ageless Beauty

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