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Winning Seven International Awards is a testament that our unique primary ingredient Colostrum is a major breakthrough in skincare.

Beautiful, Healthy Skin Is No More A Dream, But A Reality.

Explore our amazing range of award-winning colostrum skin care products.

Why is theCream so powerful?

The secret is in the most crucial moment of life.

The most delicate, vulnerable and crucial moments in our’s and our child’s lives are the first hours on earth.

Imagine a new born baby, coming into this harsh world full of viruses, bacteria and infections; It’s direct source of nutrition has just been stopped (umbilical cord cut). It’s body’s systems working on their own for the first time.

Even so, vulnerable babies survive because the first food (even before mother’s milk) nature provides is Colostrum for up to 72 hours after birth, making sure their immune systems are bolstered and nutritional needs are optimal for health and growth.


  • Overflowing with Vitamins A, D, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, Folic Acid, all 22 Amino Acids & Trace Minerals.
  • Immunoglobulins, antioxidants and proteins that help fight off infections.
  • Growth factors stimulating growth of new skin cells and regenerating tissue throughout the body and metabolic factors that direct metabolic systems to run properly.

Without it, chances of survival would be severely diminished. It’s nature’s most important and powerful superfood. That’s why we use Colostrum as the #1 ingredient in our formulations.


Nature’s Superfood For Skin?

The creation of new life is of the highest importance in nature, and nature doesn’t leave it to chance.

At the most critical time of the most critical event in nature (birth), Colostrum is what nature relies on to give new life the best chance of survival at its weakest and most vulnerable moment.

The formulation for our creams starts with New Zealand Colostrum, (Up to 85%) the most powerful and pure Colostrum in the world. 200 times more powerful then human Colostrum, from clean green New Zealand pastured dairy cows.


Your Skin Needs To Breathe, Glow, Radiate

We all desire beautiful & flawless skin.
But flawless skin is much more than just about looking good.
Flawless skin is also healthy skin.

Created by Denie Hiestand, we can proudly say theCream skincare believes the first and most important step to lasting beautiful skin must be naturally healthy skin. That’s why theCream’s commitment to the highest quality starts with the most powerful skin cell regeneration superfood in nature – Colostrum.

theCream gives your skin life-giving ingredients with no chemicals, no heavy metals, no mineral oil, no petrochemicals, no alcohol, no parabens, no preservatives, no fillers and no compromise.


They Love Us!

Read stories from our special circle of friends...

I am very happy with the products I have purchased

Kathryn C. June 2023

I can see a difference in my face, and others have made comments about my face looking fuller (in a good way). I don’t know if nice plump skin is making that difference or what, but I do see that change. My skin/face had such a flatness too it but now looks plump and alive. There’s other positives I could point out as well. Anyway, that is all with using the cleanser, serum, face cream, and eye cream.

It feels so nice to see that love-fueled customer service is still a thing in 2023

Mari K. Sept 2023

I am loving your facial serum so much. I have ditched all my other products, and only use yours now. And my face has looked so even in skin tone when I wake up in the morning, it's crazy. Even my colleague commented on it. When I came down for breakfast, barefaced, she said "it looks like you have foundation on"


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