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I started to see results within 48 hours..

wow, I’ve had my rash ( Perorial Dermatits ) for over a year with its progression worsening, every Derm Dr shoving steroids both oral and topical, it either did nothing or aggravated it. I attached my before and After photo and am jumping with joy at literally how quickly your Repair product resolved the redness! YES! It lessened the severity of the rash on my face! Yes! I started to see results within 48 hours and for the first time in over a year SMILED!

I am so grateful to receive the Repair cream sample, thank you, thank you, thank you! II followed your instructions perfectly! I received the product Friday and saw results walking up Sunday morning! I am humbled with your offer to help me with this disfiguring face rash, thank you again, LOVE your product, telling everyone who compliments my face! Here are my before and after…. March2015
Katherine K.   


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