The Skin Story

By Denie Hiestand

Your skin… did you know your skin is one big absorbable organ? Yes in some ways a big sponge. That’s why your Dr. prescribes a patch with chemicals and drugs in it to get all sorts of things into your body and blood, like hormones, antibiotics, pain killers, nicotine etc. Agriculturalists even use liquid laced with chemicals/drugs, and pour it on big animals skin to get said drugs/chemicals into their blood….and that’s through nearly a quarter of an inch of leather!!!! Yes.. all sorts of chemicals/drugs and other compounds get through your skin. As chemicals, drugs, antibiotics, preservatives etc are designed to destroy living microscopic life, yet our body is alive!, inside and out, the last thing you want in your blood is chemicals, parabens, preservatives and other so-called natural or non-life-giving chemicals and other stuff. Yap, Grandma was right, you don’t want to put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat..

The outside of your skin however, is like a farm …a garden. It is populated with healthy microscopic life keeping your skin clean and healthy. Now this microscopic life cannot live without oxygen, and many natural compounds like bees wax, lanolin and many oils that are found in cosmetics, seal out the oxygen from your skin surface. Also, chemicals, parabens and preservatives etc are designed to destroy microscopic life. Thus the contents of your skin cream can poison, suffocate and thus wipe out the good microscopic life that is keeping your skin and your body healthy.

Sadly however, nearly every skin cream you look at is just chemically laced water filled with non- oxidizing oils, parabens and preservatives, yes millions of non-life giving molecules that are made from petrochemical distillates, with a few good things thrown in at the end!!! And we wonder why there is a cancer epidemic?

Remember that great visionary, the one whose company is named after a fruit? He said ‘think differently’. We went one step further. Our genius formulator used ‘a different level of thinking’. First, we asked what is beautiful skin? The only answer we could come up with is ‘Healthy’ skin. You see, healthy skin glows with youthful vibrancy, texture and softness. So God looked all over creation…oops, that was Garth Brooks, …but we did, look all over creation that is…to find the most powerful life-giving natural substance. A life-giving natural food that every cell in your body knows, that every cell accepts, that science claims is a powerful anti-aging food and that assists every skin cell to be radiantly healthy and beautiful.

Yes, nature got it right. The first and most important food made for every mammal on earth by every mother since time began. Well, since mammals made the giant leap in evolution to be mammals… This first food is called Colostrum. You see, Colostrum has been used for thousands of years for skin health, healing and beauty as well as the most important and powerful first food for us all. Cleopatra was reported to have bathed in the ‘first milk’, Colostrum, for her skin health and beauty. That girl new a thing or two!!

We took pure, natural Colostrum, the best cold-pressed plant and fruit oils, like organic aloe and blueberry and others, and figured out how to get them all to get along together. Then we put our perfect cream into a vacuum bottle so you get the perfect skin cream fresh and real.

So now, for the first time, you have a choice. Use chemically laced water with extracts from oil, petrochemicals and other non-life giving stuff in it on your absorbable skin, or you can use ‘theCream’.

Yes, we could have got our marketing and branding gurus to come up with a flashy and fancy name, but as we are about ‘no Bull’ (0% Bull) and being real, we called our cream ‘theCream’, because it is pure nature, nothing added, nothing taken away. But we turned the Cream upside down to catch your eye and also because we are turning the skin cream industry on its head. This is a ‘different level of thinking’.

Also, as we made our cream to give you the best that science and nature could give, so you can experience the healthiest, happiest and most beautiful life and skin. You are Human, and you deserve the best ‘Human Experience’.

‘theCream’ by ‘The Human Experience’ LLC. …and we all lived happily ever after.


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