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Coleen D March 2018 USA
Ute H. February 2018 Germany
@beautyecologist - January 2018
@ElenaLand13, December 2017
"This facial cleanser really impressed me, I think is probably one of the best skincare products I have been using in 2017."

"If you haven't found yet an eye cream that makes your concealer look amazing just try this one!"
- By @ElenaLand13, December 2017 Read More
Dianna H. November 2017
Julie V. October 2017 USA
Gaby D. October 2017 USA
Julie C. October 2017 NZ
Sandra R. September 2017 USA
Angie M. New Zealand - July 2017
Debora W. USA - July 2017
Ricki M. New Zealand - July 2017
Mady B New Zealand - June 2017
Michelle G. New Zealand - June 2017
Bar H. Spain - June 2017
Teresa P. USA - June 2017
Julia D. New Zealand - June 2017
Katherine M. USA - June 2017
Jim E. USA May 2017
Anna W. Canada May 2017
Claudia R. UAE Apr 2017
Hilary M. USA Apr 2017
Lillian G. USA Mar 2017
Julie N. USA Mar 2017
Melanie S. Germany Feb 2017
Trudy V. USA Feb 2017
Deidre B. USA Jan 2017
Eric H. Canada Jan 2017
Roberta. June 14/16
Dr. Steven Wong, Oncology UCLA – July 24, 2016
Petal, NZ. July 26, 2016
Kim M. July 29, 2016
Robyn K. June 13/16
Natalie May 3 2016
Hi - I am one of the most annoying people I know as far as skincare goes.  I have very sensitive skin.  I am also extremely picky about smells, and my skin often dries out within 5 minutes of putting moisturizer on my face. I have spent so much money trying different brands and have been, at best, ambivalent with what I have found.  I have NEVER written a review of any skincare item because I have never felt the need to express how amazing a product is - until now. Read More
Miica C Nov 2015
Kimbyr L. April 16
Samantha H. March 2016
by Karen H. May 2016
Review by Coleen Melody DeWit - July 25, 2016
I'm 64 years old, and I've tried so many "natural" skincare products that were supposed to be excellent for your skin, that help with fine lines/wrinkles, moisturize, and soften your skin, but I've never really been satisfied with the results, as they haven't lived up to their claims, what the manufacturers promise. Read More
March2015 Katherine K.
Julian R. Jan 2016
Mary-Alex K. Jan 2016
M. Hedges Dec 2015
Miica C Nov 2015
Stephen Y Nov 2015
Anna M Oct 2015
Michelle P Sept 15
Berndine J Sept 15
Maggie P Sept 2015
Mikalia G Aug 2015
Ricki H July 2015
Judy F June 2015
Ana M. May 2015
Dusan I. May 2015
Daniel H May 2015
Tania Apr 2015
Caroline C Mar 2015
Diana C Mar 2015
Louise L. Mar 2015
Debora W. Mar 2015
Mary J. Mar 2015
CNB Mar 2015
Louise L. Feb 2015
A Oster Feb 2014
Farah A. Jan 2015
Annmarie C Jan 2015
Fiona S. Dec 2014
Debroah P. Oct 2014
A. Evans Oct 2014
C. Strelzoff Oct 2014
M. Jobe Sept 2014
J. Matthews Sept 2014
E. Herbercik Sept 2014
K Yalte Aug 2014
Lucas July 2014
C Loy July 2014
S. Kirkland July 2014
kk July 2014
T. Clinton June 2014
S. Lee June 2014
P Seymour Apr 2014
B. Branscomb Apr 2014
Howe Apr 2014
B. Kelley Mar 2014
J. Kopas Mar 2014
S. Hartmann Mar 2014
C. Anderson Mar 2014
S. Dalton Mar 2014
E. Sollis Mar 2014
A. Evans Feb 2014
Sabrina M. Feb 2014
S Gooch Nov 2013
P. Reed May 2013
J. Lazzaro Jan 2013
Deb M, June 2012
Rosemary M, June 2012
GF, Canada Oct 2012
Evelyn A, July 2012
MH, July 2012
Ricki M. New Zealand - July 2017
J. Kopas Mar 2014
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