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Coleen D March 2018 USA
Your products are second to none in my option. My skin thanks you and so do I ! Read More
Ute H. February 2018 Germany
I love your products especially the eye cream Ė simply amazing. Read More
@beautyecologist - January 2018
"I can wear my lips naked because they feel super smooth & supple thanks to @thepinkcowbrand Lip Cream. It is so light, not greasy and makes my lips soft all day!"
@beautyecologist - January 2018 Read More
@ElenaLand13, December 2017
"This facial cleanser really impressed me, I think is probably one of the best skincare products I have been using in 2017."

"If you haven't found yet an eye cream that makes your concealer look amazing just try this one!"
- By @ElenaLand13, December 2017 Read More
Dianna H. November 2017
I heard about the products on the Women Wellness Radio podcast. Iíve started with the facial cleanser and face cream/lotion and fell in love. Read More
Julie V. October 2017 USA
Attended ACIM conference in Orlando. This purchase based on use of sample from swag bag. LOVE IT!!!? I couldn't believe how perfect my 50 year old skin felt. I felt this overwhelming comfort deep inside my skin and the surface felt soft to the touch. It's indescribable. Thank You !! Read More
Gaby D. October 2017 USA
I absolutely LOVE your products. It feels good to know that what I am putting on my skin is all natural and good for me as well.
About 8 years ago, I decided to go all natural with skin care and cosmetics. Even at my present age of 66, Iíve never had anything done to my skin and donít plan to, so it truly is a compliment when someone comments on my skin. Perhaps it is could partly be genes, but I give much credit to the products I use. Thank you for such a great product. I am a loyal customer. Read More
Julie C. October 2017 NZ
I mix a little Facial Serum with the Face Cream, it leaves my skin feeling and looking beautiful. I love using theCream it makes me feel so alive and real, really hard to describe in words the uplifting feeling it gives . Read More
Sandra R. September 2017 USA
Iíve been blessed to try one of your products so far but let me tell you it has changed my life for the better! I want to share this with everyone I know. You guys have set the bar so high no one else compares and I will be a customer for life! Thank you for all that you do and such amazing safe products. Read More
Angie M. New Zealand - July 2017
Love to see all natural ingredients and beautiful colostrum, fellow dairy farmer. Angie M. July 2017 Read More
Debora W. USA - July 2017
Thank you so very much. I live in California and I love your products !
Debora W. July 2017 Read More
Ricki M. New Zealand - July 2017
Thank you. I love your cream and tell all my friends about it and I gift it to them. I found it in New Zealand where I live part of the time. Cheers. Ricki M. July 2017 Read More
Mady B New Zealand - June 2017
Your products are truly amazing. I have struggled for years with my skin and have tried so many products and medication but it always made it worse in some way. theCream products are so gentle but they actually work. My skin has improved ten-fold and my acne scarring and fine lines are all slowly disappearing! My skin is finally getting that extra nourishment that it needed, I love theCream!
Mady B New Zealand June 2017 Read More
Michelle G. New Zealand - June 2017
I love your products and a proud New Zealander who promotes how wonderful it is. I have used many many very expensive products and feel really lucky to have found theCream. Keep doing what you all do, it is fantastic! My skin has never been better !
Michelle G. New Zealand June 2017 Read More
Bar H. Spain - June 2017
Hello again and thank you Shala so very much for your fast and comprehensive customer service. I am impressed once more - and also grateful since I clearly can't live without using theCream! Best regards, Bar H. Spain June 2017 Read More
Teresa P. USA - June 2017
Julia D. New Zealand - June 2017
I am a Registered Medical Herbalist and have been in practice for over 20 years. In 2016 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I used your cream throughout my radiation treatment and due to your wonderful cream had no radiation burns. Yours sincerely, Julia D. New Zealand June 2017 Read More
Katherine M. USA - June 2017
Thank you so much, both for your wonderful product and for your excellent customer service! Katherine M. USA June 2017 Read More
Jim E. USA May 2017
I enjoy using the Cream and I travel with it every year when I go surfing in Indonesia. I leave in 2 days for the summer and will take a stash of it with me! Thank you Shala, Aloha
Jim E. USA May 2017 Read More
Anna W. Canada May 2017
I have been using your Facial Serum in conjunction with the Hand Cream for a week and I love it. No allergic reaction. I would like to say thank you again to Denie and Shala. The kindness and customer service you provided was unlike any I encountered before. I like your products so much and ordering more. All the Best.
Anna W. Canada May 2017 Read More
Claudia R. UAE Apr 2017
Hilary M. USA Apr 2017
I am 91 living in a retirement home. I can't imagine using any product other than theCream on my face. My skin is wrinkled because of weight loss but it is as smooth as a baby's. I believe theCream is the reason. Thanks again for your great customer service. Hilary M. USA Apr 2017 Read More
Lillian G. USA Mar 2017
Julie N. USA Mar 2017
Hi! I have a regular order of your eye serum, face cream. I love the eye serum and face cream and the matt quality of both products.
Julie N. USA Mar 2017 Read More
Melanie S. Germany Feb 2017
Hi, this is the second time I've used the facial serum, I've been using your face cream for the last year and have been very happy with both products. Thank you! Melanie S. Germany Feb 2017 Read More
Trudy V. USA Feb 2017
Hi I have placed my first order of your Face cream and it arrived so quickly, Thank you! Absolutely love it. Trudy V. USA February 2017 Read More
Deidre B. USA Jan 2017
Eric H. Canada Jan 2017
I just thought I would mention that I have been using your colostrum cream for about 3 months and it is amazing. Your product is hassle free to order and service has been great so I will be a long term customer. Keep up the good work ! Eric H. Canada January 2017 Read More
Roberta. June 14/16
Thank you so much for your clarity and quick response. I LOVE your products.
June 14/16 Read More
Dr. Steven Wong, Oncology UCLA Ė July 24, 2016
I like the idea of a New Zealand colostrum skin cream Ė how ingenious.
Dr. Steven Wong, Oncology UCLA Ė July 24/16 Read More
Petal, NZ. July 26, 2016
This cream is incredible. It renews, heals and rejuvenates my skin and is way superior than anything else I have used in 40 years. It is revolutionary and has the science to back it up. It is a very soothing for sunburn, dermatitis, and dry skin in particular. It is the healthiest product I have ever used and does not have any chemicals, just pure and natural and I can trust it every time. Thank you!
Petal NZ
July 26 2016 Read More
Kim M. July 29, 2016
Hello, theCream
I have been using your full line of products for the last several months and have been thoroughly enjoying them! What a great line of products, especially the facial products.

2 1/2 weeks ago, I had a bicycle accident in which I sustained multiple facial fractures. My face, neck and chest were badly scraped up and bruised as well. Once i was out of surgery (my jaw is wired closed and one of my jaw fractures has plates and screws ) and I was discharged home, I started to use Repair and then the Facial Serum and Lip on the abrasions which covered the right side of my face, my lips, chin, chest and one shoulder. Within a week most of the scabs were gone. All the scabs are now gone, The skin is soft. There will be no scarring at all! Even the uneven pinkness where the abrasions were is fading fast! It is almost impossible at a glance to tell that I was ever in an accident. I am continuing to use the Facial Serum twice daily to keep the damaged areas moist and supple and protected.Thank you for this wonderful product line. I thought I was a convert before. Now i am a promoter! I cannot say enough good things about these products.
Kim M
July 29, 2016 Read More
Robyn K. June 13/16
First let me say that I love your new website.† Itís both beautiful and functional.† How nice of you to offer the ďnew lookĒ discount to your customers!† Since I live in Canada, I know that orders from companies in the USA take longer to be shipped and delivered and I plan accordingly by ordering before I am running out of product.† I am really looking forward to receiving the cleanser and trying it for the first time.† I appreciate the special care you take to formulate and produce your wonderful products.† Please continue doing your magic.
Robyn K June 13/16 Read More
Hi - I bought your body and face cream and love it!
May 20/16 Read More
Natalie May 3 2016
Hi - I am one of the most annoying people I know as far as skincare goes. †I have very sensitive skin. †I am also extremely picky about smells, and my skin often dries out within 5 minutes of putting moisturizer on my face. I have spent so much money trying different brands and have been, at best, ambivalent with what I have found. †I have NEVER written a review of any skincare item because I have never felt the need to express how amazing a product is - until now. Read More
Miica C Nov 2015
I got my cleanser thanks for including it with my order!!! It's amazing! You guys are awesome! Miica C Nov 2015 Read More
Kimbyr L. April 16
HI - I use the Face and the Serum and swear by them, I am 34 and I look younger and people ask me all the time how I do it. I find great products like yours and I use them routinely. Kimbyr L. April 16 Read More
Samantha H. March 2016
Hi - I ordered your Nourishing Face cream about two weeks ago and I absolutely love it! I am just recovering from a dermatitis rash on my face, this cream is helping so much. I definitely want to try more products! Love your stuff. Thanks so much Samantha H. March 2016 Read More
by Karen H. May 2016
Thank you so much for the insight. Love this product and also the care you take of customers.
All the very best!
Karen H.
May 2016 Read More
Review by Coleen Melody DeWit - July 25, 2016
I'm 64 years old, and I've tried so many "natural" skincare products that were supposed to be excellent for your skin, that help with fine lines/wrinkles, moisturize, and soften your skin, but I've never really been satisfied with the results, as they haven't lived up to their claims, what the manufacturers promise. Read More
March2015 Katherine K.
wow, I've had my rash ( Perorial Dermatits ) for over a year with its progression worsening, every Derm Dr shoving steroids both oral and topical, it either did nothing or aggravated it. I attached my before and After photo and am jumping with joy at literally how quickly your Repair product resolved the redness! YES! It lessened the severity of the rash on my face! Yes! I started to see results within 48 hours and for the first time in over a year SMILED!

I am so grateful to receive the Repair cream sample, thank you, thank you, thank you! II followed your instructions perfectly! I received the product Friday and saw results walking up Sunday morning! I am humbled with your offer to help me with this disfiguring face rash, thank you again, LOVE your product, telling everyone who compliments my face! Here are my before and afterÖ. March2015
Katherine K. Read More
Julian R. Jan 2016
I have been using the men 'nourishing face cream' for some time now - it has been the only product I can find that doesnt react to my skin or produce pimples. Julian R. Jan 2016 Read More
Mary-Alex K. Jan 2016
Jan 2016
Hello- you sent me a sample of this cream and I LOVED your product. Mary-Alex K. Jan 2016 Read More
M. Hedges Dec 2015
Dear Sir or Madam
I wanted to let you know how much I love your theCream Ė Lip Cream. I suffer from dry lips and this product keeps my lips moisturised and smooth. I am a very loyal customer who has been using your products for a few years and I always go for The Cream over any other brand. M. Hedges Dec 2015 Read More
Miica C Nov 2015
I got my cleanser thanks for including it with my order!!! It's amazing! You guys are awesome! Miica C Nov 2015 Read More
Stephen Y Nov 2015
Hello, my name is Stephen Y*Ö. and I love your products and have been using them for a little over a year. THANK YOU Nov 2015 Read More
Anna M Oct 2015
I purchased "age defying eye serum" from a health shop in New Zealand earlier this year. I had tried a sample of it at a beauty place and found it was one of the only creams that my extremely sensitive eyes could handle. the cream was amazing for my eyes, no complaints there! I really found it excellent for my eye area. Anna M Oct 2015 Read More
Michelle P Sept 15
I have been using your face cream for several years now. I really liked the yumminess of it. It made my skin feel soft and plump. Michelle P Sept 15 Read More
Berndine J Sept 15
Second, I had a session with my beautician yesterday (don't freak out just getting my eye brows done. No chemicals) and she told me my skin is looking amazing! She said my forehead which is always dehydrated looks plump and my whole skin is looking so much better. I told her it was all the cream and gave her your brochure. Berndine J Sept 15 Read More
Maggie P Sept 2015
Thanks so much for sending me a replacement cream, I didnít get a chance to email and thank you earlier but Iím glad I waited until now because now that I have been using it consistently, I can honestly say it is a WONDERFUL moisturiser - I think itís the best one I have tried. Itís been winter in Australia so I have needed a serum with it (I havenít yet tried the cream serum) but with that together, I can say that I am completely satisfied that I have found my go-to moisturiser from here on. It is a fantastic moisturiser, it really suits my skin and makes it look bright and refreshed. I will definitely repurchase, in fact Iím going to get the dudeís one for all the males in my family too :) Thanks again for all your help - the cream was definitely worth the wait :) Sept 2015
Maggie P Read More
Mikalia G Aug 2015
Hi there,
I love your face cream Mikalia G Aug 2015 Read More
Ricki H July 2015
Hello. I love your cream which I started using when I was in Hahei, NZ, where I spend six months/year Ricki H July 2015 Read More
Judy F June 2015
I have been using your eye serum for several months and it is wonderful. Judy F June 2015 Read More
Ana M. May 2015
I heard about your products by my older brother him live in New Zealand , him bought the cream for men in Health2000
Porirua NZ., Him thinks that the best cream that used in his life. Ana M. May 2015 Read More
Dusan I. May 2015
Last week I finely got my product. Unbelievable...! This Product is awesome! It does even more than I was expecting. My skin feels completely different and I got rid of some birthmarks on my arms! Dusan I. May 2015 Read More
Daniel H May 2015
Thanks in advance and, I Love the Body Elixir & Hand Cream! Iíve been telling everyone ! Daniel H May 2015 Read More
Tania Apr 2015
I've just seen your product The Cream on TV so I looked it up and think it's brilliant! I LOVE the no bull! Tania Apr 2015 Read More
Caroline C Mar 2015
I have been using the face cream and serum for a while now and love it. Caroline C Mar 2015 Read More
Diana C Mar 2015
My mother-in-law gave me my first tube for hand cream and I really liked it. Thank You. Diana C Mar 2015 Read More
Louise L. Mar 2015
I'm just flabbergasted at the excellence of your service!! I already received my products. I offered some to my sister for her Birthday and she just loves them. She told me: from now on, I will just use their products, the're brilliant!! Thank you for your creams, your service and your dedication!!!A faithful (and happy!) customer. Louise L. Mar 2015 Read More
Debora W. Mar 2015
i recently purchased The Cream and love it. Debora W. Mar 2015 Read More
Mary J. Mar 2015
Thank you so much for your very prompt and wonderful assistance! I love ALL your products. Mary J. Mar 2015 Read More
CNB Mar 2015
Mahalo (thank you) for your prompt and excellent response! theCream is the one for me! CNB Mar 2015 Read More
Louise L. Feb 2015
I really love your products. Keep on the good work and thank you for your attention and your wonderful creams!! Louise L. Feb 2015 Read More
A Oster Feb 2014
My name is A Oster, I run a butcher shop here in Las Vegas, and you guys have frequented the shop a few times. My wife is in love with your product. Feb 2014 Read More
Farah A. Jan 2015
I wanted to let you know I ordered the repair cream and it has been the only thing that has worked to get the redness off my face from acne marks!! I just reordered another bottle plus the face cream. Farah A. Jan 2015 Read More
Annmarie C Jan 2015
I read a wonderful review of our face cream on 'The beautiful truth' Beauty blog. I ordered your products and love them Ė Thank YOU ! Annmarie C Jan 2015 Read More
Fiona S. Dec 2014
Hi Shala There are several patients who are thrilled with The Cream and one who now lives in Australia is planning on ordering from down under, because your website can be accessed worldwide. The wonders of technology. Fiona S. Dec 2014 Read More
Debroah P. Oct 2014
Good Day! I have been using the face cream day & night for 2 week! I love the feel on my skin. Debroah P. Oct 2014 Read More
A. Evans Oct 2014
I bought some creams from you last year. You sent them to spain for me. I love them. A. Evans Oct 2014 Read More
C. Strelzoff Oct 2014
Thank you! I love and depend on your creams! C. Strelzoff Oct 2014 Read More
M. Jobe Sept 2014
What a treat talking with you by phone earlier today. And thank you so much for shifting into high gear to get my order through (with no effort on my part, ha!). You are amazing. I love theCream facial product that I am now using, and I canít wait to try out the serum! Thanks again! M. Jobe Sept 2014 Read More
J. Matthews Sept 2014
I appreciate your great customer service and your great products. Read More
E. Herbercik Sept 2014
Hi! I love the Cream and eye cream. E. Herbercik Sept 2014 Read More
K Yalte Aug 2014
Hi People of the pink cow,
I just like to let you know how amazing your products are and much so much thanks for the speedy delivery of my order. I choose not to write you sooner as i liked to use your creams for a couple of weeks and it is above all of my expectations. K Yalte Aug 2014 Read More
Lucas July 2014
Thank you, and love your products. I do use all of them. W. Lucas July 2014 Read More
C Loy July 2014
I canít get enough of the repair cream and hand cream! Thanks! C Loy July 2014 Read More
S. Kirkland July 2014
Thank you!! I really think it's fantastic stuff. I'll let you know how i get on with the other stuff i ordered. I especially like it because it's the only cream with no chemicals and crap in it which also WORKS. S. Kirkland July 2014 Read More
kk July 2014
thanks so much! I LOVE your cream, i discovered it in NZ on holiday there (i live in london) and am super excited to be able to make a big order of it! can't wait to get it!. warmest, kk July 2014 Read More
T. Clinton June 2014
I recently tried your cream and totally love it. T. Clinton June 2014 Read More
S. Lee June 2014
I am soooooo impressed with this product!! Living in South Africa's harsh climate definitely means a product that is not only moisturizing but healing too, I now have the added benefit of my face product being 100% natural!! Thank you!! S. Lee June 2014 Read More
P Seymour Apr 2014
I am a previous customer, & My Lady is DELIGHTED with the product. P Seymour Apr 2014 Read More
B. Branscomb Apr 2014
I have just started using your product and I really like it. B. Branscomb Apr 2014 Read More
Howe Apr 2014
The cream is great I love it! I don't have to wash my face in the middle of the day anymore because its oily. B. Howe Apr 2014 Read More
B. Kelley Mar 2014
I have recently ordered your face cream (for women ☺) and I love it!!! B. Kelley Mar 2014 Read More
J. Kopas Mar 2014
My sister gave me your "face cream" for my birthday. I used today for the first time. My husband commented that I look 10 years younger. J. Kopas Mar 2014 Read More
S. Hartmann Mar 2014
Thank you for making such a great product. I love your Face Cream. S. Hartmann Mar 2014 Read More
C. Anderson Mar 2014
So far, I am really liking the face cream. It's so rich and yet not greasy. I want to put it everywhere! C. Anderson Mar 2014 Read More
S. Dalton Mar 2014
I just received my Face cream yesterday and this morning my skin feels so soft. S. Dalton Mar 2014 Read More
E. Sollis Mar 2014
I have just bought your face cream again today from Health2000, and I love how it is completely 100% natural. E. Sollis Mar 2014 Read More
A. Evans Feb 2014
I love your ethos and I love your products. I also love cows !! A. Evans Feb 2014 Read More
Sabrina M. Feb 2014
Thank you for your quick response. Love your product. Sabrina M. Feb 2014 Read More
S Gooch Nov 2013
You do a magnificent job taking care of your customers and your products are amazing I love theCream. S Gooch Nov 2013 Read More
P. Reed May 2013
I purchased a sample of your product late last year, and I am amazed at the improvement in my skin in such a short time, The brown liver spots that had started appearing on my neck and the backs of my hands have suddenly started fading and I can genuinely see a difference in my skin! P. Reed May 2013 Read More
J. Lazzaro Jan 2013
Thanks for the news. I love the Cream, J. Lazzaro Jan 2013 Read More
Deb M, June 2012
Okay, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I can see the difference in my face in just two applications of theCream. My skin looks awesome. When are they coming out with a body lotion for my creepy arms and legs? Deb M, June 2012 Read More
Rosemary M, June 2012
"Just got my order, which came ridiculously quick, and already love the product. It smells phenomenal and I absolutely love the texture!! Thank you! :)" Rosemary M, June 2012 Read More
GF, Canada Oct 2012
I am willing to pay extra for expedited shipping. Thanks so much Ė love your product. GF, Canada Oct 2012 Read More
Evelyn A, July 2012
'I have to say that of ALL the stuff I've used, it is brilliant. It's the ONLY stuff I've been using since you shared it with us.' Evelyn A, July 2012 Read More
MH, July 2012
"Absolutely Love this product! My skin hasn't looked this great in years! Thank you theCream"
MH, July 2012 Read More
Ricki M. New Zealand - July 2017
Thank you. I love your cream and tell all my friends about it and I gift it to them. I found it in New Zealand where I live part of the time. Cheers. Read More
J. Kopas Mar 2014
My sister gave me your "face cream" for my birthday. I used today for the first time. My husband commented that I look 10 years younger. J. Kopas Mar 2014 Read More
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