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Straight Talk

With Denie Hiestand.

In writing this I have no intention of making any medical claims or diagnoses. I am writing this as I live in a western democracy (the USA) which claims ‘free speech’, as pertaining to the sharing of ones thoughts, knowledge and insights as a basic tenant and right in that democracy. And in doing so I hereby invoke my First Amendment rights under the United States Constitution.

I also believe that anybody who chooses to read my writing has the right to do so, and thus the right to gain knowledge or to take from my words that which they so choose.

I wrote in my last published book (A Little Book of Wisdom. Shellden Publishing. ISBN: 1490566864 ) a statement that is profound in its briefness, but hugely powerful in its message. So before I start I will reprint it here…

“There is no freedom, there cannot be democracy and there is no humanity, when the masses are living a delusional life based on an illusion created by the few”. – Denie Hiestand.

So here goes good people, my thoughts after living on this planet for 66 years and keeping my eyes and mind open.

Most, if not all of us, want to look our best. We all, and especially women, want to also look and feel beautiful. Nothing wrong with that, in fact, a most natural desire if ever there was one.

Women in the modern world, especially since the 1950’s, have plastered on their skin chemical-laced, water-based skin creams and lotions with the promise of beauty. However, when we take a close look at the cosmetic industry and what’s in their products, one must soon come to the conclusion that maybe we are doing more harm than good to ourselves. Our modern world is awash with chemical induced diseases, from Cancer to Infertility, from Alzheimer’s to kids (and an ever growing number of men) who do not know if they are Arthur or Martha….

I wrote and got published a few years back the following, and I ask again.

“What is it that compels us to empty our pockets on cosmetics to the tune of twenty billion dollars a year worldwide? I would hate to think it is the same degradation of our intelligence that we display when we think we have the ‘best’ and are the only ‘good’ country in the world. Maybe our intelligence or perceived lack thereof is not the issue. Maybe it is the near perfect propaganda (advertisements) that are thrust upon us on a daily basis by the very few in control of nearly all media, most means of production, and ninety percent of the money in this country. 

Most US conglomerates and big Pharma (who make the toxic chemicals used in nearly all skin products) spend about as much on disinformation and half-truths, as do those who pull the strings in the political arena. It is not that we are delusional; it is just that we are living in a planned and created ‘illusion’ of what is. Most of us have no idea what exists outside the illusion that has been created for and around us. 

America’s so-called democracy and the cosmetic industry are perfect bedfellows, they have both endeavored to cover up any truth and fool the very people that gave them their trust and wealth. 

In the last seventy years, the cosmetic industry has enshrined in us to use skin and body care products infused with non-life-giving chemicals. The question must be asked. If we want to slow down the effects of that time-line called ‘aging’, and to look and feel beautiful, why are we plastering non-life-giving, biologically dead chemicals onto our biologically alive, absorbable skin?

Surely what we desire is to increase our life force, to enhance our health, beauty and vitality in order to slow down the physical effects of age. 

To me, putting dead and toxic chemicals onto and into our bodies through our skin does not compute with this desire. Our bodies were never designed to use modern refined chemicals to give us life. However, they can, and very often do, give us death instead. 

From an abundance of life, comes an abundance of free thought. From an abundance of free thought, comes the power to change our world and to free us all from the shackles of illusion”.

Digging Deeper

Warning:- Only read on if you really want to know some disturbing outcomes from what I, and many scientific researchers, have published over the years pertaining to the cause of many of our modern diseases, especially breast cancer in women, and the dramatic increase in hormonal driven trans-gender issues in males. Again I invoke my First Amendment rights of free speech under the United States Constitution.
Let’s start with our young girls, the pre-adult teens who love to plaster their mother’s skin creams and lotions all over their bodies, including chemical sun creams/lotions.

But first, let me digress, just to start you thinking. I was giving a seminar to a large group of women, and I asked if any of them would eat their skin products? 
‘Come on, hands up ladies’, I said. Not one hand went up. Then I asked if any of them would take their skin cream, load it into a syringe and inject it into their blood vein. Again, not one hand went up, but an audible abhorrent, ‘you’ve got to be kidding’ sound and look from my audience. Yap, nobody in their right mind would inject skin cream into their blood vein. 

But when you plaster skin cream on your ‘absorbable’ skin, up to sixty percent of it goes through to your blood, (it’s just a slow form of injection…) including all the chemicals. (One science report stated that the average western women’s skin care protocol puts over 2.6 lbs. – 1.2 kgs. of chemicals and other non-life-giving gunk into their blood a year… drink that in, and hold that thought as you read on. 

Back to the young girls… When a young girl puts on any chemical skin cream, the chemicals transdermal (get through) to the blood and the body filters these out and pushes them to the extremities and lays the chemicals down, out of harm’s way, in the fatty tissue just under the skin. That’s why many scientists say that the skin and the fatty layer just under the skin is the body’s biggest toxic waste dump. This chemical contamination (not the sun) of the skin cells can lead to what’s called skin cancer, but that’s another story for another time.

When the young girl grows up and becomes pregnant, the fetus, even though it may have the male chromosome, is female in its hormonal profile. Yes guys, we all start out as female.

During the first trimester, the fetus does not live off what the mother eats, its lives off the essential fatty reserves, the fatty tissue just under the mother’s skin. Now, if this fatty tissue is harboring the chemicals from her skin cream application years before, those chemicals may get pumped into and through to the fetus’ blood stream. 

To change the fetus male body from a female hormonal profile to that of a male hormonal profile takes a series of hormonal triggers to go off in the first trimester. 

In my opinion, if there is one, not parts per thousand or million, but just one chemical molecule from that skin cream flowing though the fetus’ body at the time this hormonal trigger is about to go off, the chemical will act as a blocking agent as chemicals can act as hormonal mimics. That one molecule of chemical can stop the hormonal change and that boy baby may grow up with varying levels of female hormonal profile. The amount of chemical blockers that took place determines the amount of female hormones the boy baby ends up with and the result is what science calls, ‘cross gender babies’, or as it is commonly called ‘gay’. 

Yes, it is the chemical skin creams that the young mum put on her skin as a young girl, may now have destroyed the ‘maleness’ of her boy baby. The boy may grow up with varying levels of female tendencies or ‘gayness’. Being ‘gay’ is not a choice, it is hormonally driven. We are what our hormones are. All our ‘manliness’ or female ways are hormonal driven, as are many of our actions, the way we think and act, and hormones control ALL of our sexual tendencies and desires.

Also, the male body with a slightly female hormonal profile can have varying levels of low sperm count, short/small penis syndrome, low libido, erectile dysfunction and all the variable ‘gay’ tendencies we now know today. (In fact, science tell us that the average male sperm count has dropped over 70% in the last 50 years. Very few of you young guys out there are ‘half’ the man your grandfathers were). 

The male ‘gay’ population has risen over the last few decades to levels never before known. Low sperm count is now the norm in two thirds of the male population. Erectile dysfunction is rampant and more and more men cannot even get there female partners pregnant. Why do you think Viagra is the biggest selling drug of all time, because most men cannot get it up due to low ‘maleness’. 

All these issues in my opinion, can be traced back to the chemical toxicity of the mother, and the male babies did not change to a full on male hormonal profile due to this chemical/hormonal blocking in vitro.

It is my understanding based on a large amount of science and what us agriculturalists have known since the 70’s, is that the ‘demalinazation’, that is occurring now is totally caused by chemicals, and in the case of us humans, primarily by the chemical residue from the mothers chemical based skin care application. If you don’t believe me, read the Scientist’s authored book called, ‘Our Stolen Future’ by John Peterson Myers, Dianne Dumanoski and Theo Colborn, published in 1996. ISBN 0452274141.

And now to Breast Cancer

As a woman matures, her breasts fully develop and now the breast is a very convenient external fatty tissue depository for the body to create a jail and place all those chemicals into from her application of chemical based skin creams and lotions. You see, the body cannot keep those chemicals in the blood, as the blood has a very defined composition. The body has to find a way to filter out and place those chemicals that get into the blood through the skin, out of harm’s way. The fatty tissue of the breast is the perfect and most convenient place for this.

Of course this chemical jail takes years before it is big enough to feel as a lump in the breast, as the chemicals get deposited in that jail molecule by molecule, and it takes many trillions over a long time to be big enough to feel. Then it can be diagnosed as a tumor as the chemicals break down the structure of the cells holding the chemicals in the fatty tissue of the lump and this is then called cancer. 
You see, cancer is not something one catches…it is caused. It is a breakdown of the normal life process of cells, and enough chemicals in the wrong place have shown to do just that.

Remember, the body cannot just leave chemicals and other non-life-giving compounds in the blood, you would be dead in a week or two, it has to try to put them somewhere out of harm’s way, in a jail we call a breast lump and at times in other places in the body. This can and does in many cases lead to cancer.

Breast cancer has increased over the last seventy years on the same trajectory as the increase and use of chemical skin products. This is not a coincidence. It is definitely related. Before the 1930’s, there was an extremely low incidence of breast cancer, but then again there was no chemical industry as we know it and no chemical skin care products.

Surely, nobody of sound mind can argue with the fact that if one puts into ones blood through their absorbable skin, eighty million molecules of non-life-giving chemicals (most never tested and many toxic) and other dead compounds a day, (the average western women’s skin care protocol) that no life can come from it. However, at worst, death is a real possibility, and at least the breakdown of life in some way, which we call disease, must transpire. Surely this is not ‘rocket science’ to understand. 

In this article I have only talked about two issues that I and many other researchers have come to realize. However, there are many diseases caused by chemical toxicity, like Alzheimer’s and others, but to me the two written about here are the most rampant in our modern world, and are destroying more people’s lives than any other.

It is my honest belief (based on 30 years in the health care field) that chemical based skin products are one of the biggest causes of many of our diseases, hormonal imbalance, gender issues and other health problems including cancer.

Denie Hiestand
theCream© – Colostrum based Natural no-toxic Skin Care. 

As I said, I am not the only one to say all of the above. Women, please look at ALL the science and then tell me I am wrong…or that you will still use chemical skin products on your ‘absorbable’ skin.


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