Seven Steps To Good Health

Not everyone has the personality or willpower to suddenly change old patterns and shift 180 degrees into a new way of eating and living.

We suggest that you take one step at a time.

When you feel ready, try one, or as many, of the suggestions outlined below and see how you feel.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so give it a go (as we say in New Zealand), and find out what makes you feel healthier and full of vitality.

  1. Separate your crude proteins and crude carbohydrates
    When you eat a meal, eat the protein (meat, fish, eggs, cheese, milk, cream, beans, nuts) with vegetables or a salad.
    If you want a carbohydrate meal, eat potatoes with vegetables or a salad.
    Make sure you have plenty of electrically available protein sources.
  2. Cut out all grains
    Do not eat any bread, pasta, doughnuts, pizza, cereals, cookies, or rice.
  3. Drink electrically alive water
    Collect your water from an under ground water supply, a fresh-flowing river, a waterfall, or add Microhydrin or Cell Food to your filtered water.
  4. Take an electrically formulated herbal cleanse.
    Do so preferably first thing in the morning and, if necessary, last thing before going to sleep at night.
  5. Rebuild your gut bacteria
    Repopulate your gut bacteria with live active enzymes and flora such as Latero Flora (B.O.D. strain of bifidus) Digestive Flora, Friendly Flora (L salivarius, L. plantarium), and Ultimate Acidophilus.
  6. Support your liver
    Take an electrically formulated liver-support supplement such as Protein Power or TOCO.
  7. Move
    Bounce on an electrically tuned rebounder, dance, run, do TaeBo, or engage in other fun activities with plenty of up and down movement to enhance lymphatic drainage.

Be creative!


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