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You rightly ask. Why do our products cost a bit more than some?

It’s a good question and you deserve an honest answer, so here it is (please, please read it all).

Nearly all other skin creams have as there first ingredient, water. This is normal in skin cream manufacture. In fact, mostly between 60 to 80% water. So if a product cost $20.00 and is 80% water, then the cost of the ‘active’ (and water is not an active), the bit that is meant to work, to do something, is $1.00 (100% less 80% is 20% and you paid $20 dollars for that 20% active, or $1.00 per active in the product). NOW, all our creams are made with the most powerful active known to science, COLOSTRUM. AND this is the first ingredient – up to 85%. We MAKE our creams with colostrum, not water. So if our ‘face’ cream costs $71.00, and as it is ALL active, the cost per active is $0.71 ($71.00 divided into 100% is $0.71 cents). This makes our skin cream one of the cheapest (least costly) per active on the world market ($0.71 versus $1.00) I call it product ‘integrity’, what you pay your hard earned dollars for, you get. Real and honest, not water that does nothing for your skin.

The second point is in how we formulate our creams. I spent 8 years perfecting my formulations. You see, I never intended to make a skin cream for the mass market. I started to work on a skin cream to help my cancer clients who had horrible radiation burns and scaring from surgery. To help repair skin back to healthy normal skin I had to do things differently. 

You see, nothing they used did anything other than make the damaged skin ‘feel’ a bit softer for a short while. It did not help the damaged skin to come back to normal healthy skin. So I looked at how skin grows, how it becomes healthy. In fact, what is healthy skin and how does that happen (you see, healthy skin is beautiful skin)? Next, I looked at what the skin cells needed to promote regeneration and healthy growth.

Understanding all of this it became clear that I had to reproduce the ‘vibrational frequency’ in my cream that the cells could recognize and thus respond to. Yes, quite a bit of quantum physics needed here which I won’t bore you with, suffice to say that every cell works on and functions in an electrical field, or an energy impulse reality. 

Science calls this the ‘zeta potential’ or the vibrational electrical fields that all life depends on. Yes, this is way, way beyond chemistry (which all other skin creams work on), this formulation understanding is how all life works at a whole different level. It’s a bit like the tune ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’, not only do you have to have the right notes (vibrations), you have to have them in the right order to make the pleasant harmony (the tune).

Well, as everything has this ‘vibrational field’ of energy, not only did I have to use the right natural ingredients (the right notes) and the right colostrum, but I had to COMBINE them in such a way as to create the HARMONY (or the tune) that the cells would recognize and thus respond to. Trust me, no easy task. There is no text book that has this info, it was an 8 year learning curve.

Phew, hope you got all that, sorry, it’s the shortest I could do with such an in-depth subject and understanding. 

So you see, to make our creams, it’s not about throwing a bunch of chemicals and oils into a mixing bowl and hey presto, out comes a dead chemical laced do-nothing, cheap cream.

No, we have to look at every single natural compound we use and test it to see if it still has its vibrational field (whether it is alive or not), then mix the ingredients in a very specific way and time frame so that the end result has the right ‘tune’ or vibrational field, so that it will be known and accepted by the cells.

All this takes time (and money) and a huge amount of ‘doing it right’ and real people doing the batching. Our creams are in no way made in big automated mixing plants like chemical skin creams. We hand batch every run to order. Cheap to make – no, but made right and to enhance life and healthy beautiful skin – YES.

And now to even more good news. Because of the way we put our formulations together, and the ‘alive cold pressed oils’ and the most powerful and effective natural healing food known, COLOSTRUM, you only have to use half to a quarter of the amount of our creams as you would normally use with other chemical skin creams for TWICE or more of the effectiveness.

So now the COST COMES DOWN even more per ‘active’. In fact, using the example in the first paragraph, the cost per active works out to about $0.25 cents or less (or a ¼ of the cost of using a $20.00 skin cream). Show me a cheaper per active skin cream and I will ‘eat my proverbial hat’.

Just to finish off, and I thank you for your time in reading this ‘essay’, here is what a now retired head of research of one of the biggest ‘Big Pharma’ companies said about my cream after they put it though there multi – million dollar testing facility in Switzerland. 

“This is the most active skin cream I have seen in my lifetime. For what you have in it and how you have put it together, you should be selling this at no less than $500.00 a bottle”.

Another skin scientist and Dr in Australia had this to say about our skin cream, “This is the only cream that you should use on your skin from a newborn baby to your death. This is the only cream I have seen in my lifetime that actually gives life to a cell”.

My life changed some 9 years ago when a dying cancer client said to me; “Denie, why don’t you make a skin cream that gives us beautiful skin and that doesn’t kill us”. (I had advised her not to put chemical skin products on her skin, as there is loads of research that shows they can be part of the cancer causing scenario). I gave my word to Barbara to do just that all those years ago, not to be the richest man on earth, but to do the right thing for women and their families at an affordable price per use.

‘theCream’, the world’s first biologically alive, life-giving, natural, effective, colostrum based skin products. Made real, made with love and made with integrity.

Denie Hiestand
The Human Experience LLC.
‘theCream’ brand


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