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Customer Testimonials
by Denie Hiestand
   Your Skin’s Summer Needs
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! That’s what we are told to do to keep our bodies alive and healthy and to help our skin stop from drying up. But it is impossible to hydrate our skin from the outside in – otherwise we could get all the hydration we need from a 20 minute shower! Our skin is our body’s largest organ and it is exposed on a daily basis to the rigors of the Summer sun and wind. It is important to keep our skin cells nourished so that the sun and wind do not deplete the skin of it’s necessary nutrients. Enter ‘theCream’ – a totally new innovative technology. It is turning the skin care industry upside down, which is why the logo for the company is upside down! The premise of ‘theCream’ is to feed our skin from the outside in, all the nutrients and goodies we need to survive the Summer sun, and to slow down the dehydration of the skin. Read More
By Denie Hiestand
   Anti-aging and Politics: Break Free from the Shackles of Illusion
Anti-aging, we all want it, some of us spend way too much money trying to make it happen, and most of us are in denial when it does not happen. Reality would suggest we are all living an illusion, in a very deluded state of mind. Anti-aging and American democracy go well together, you know, for the people by the people... not. For us to have any belief in the cosmetic anti-aging story is to show that we are about as short on gray matter as those who think that our elected politicians are always honest and work for our good. Read More
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   Book G I V E A W A Y!
Let's Talk About Personal Dryness, Itching, Menopause, and More...
   Ladies, let's get personal
If you are reading this at work... make sure no one is standing behind you.

You know we would never write something risqué. However, since a lot of our lovely customers are women (if you are a man and reading, we thank you), we care about you and want to discuss one of the most important and often times overlooked aspect of your health. Read More
A different level of thinking about Skincare.
   0% Water + up to 85% Colostrum!
theCream.com Skincare is a revolutionary way of thinking about skincare, based on nourishing and energizing skin cells with nature’s most powerful life-giving food - Colostrum. Read More
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