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Be Healthy and Wise

By Denie Hiestand

Published in Select Magazine Sept-Oct/12 Issue

http://www.selectmag.net/oned/111056m2j/ Pages 17-19

Health care in the US relies heavily on government bodies and/or traditional, medical doctors. During this time, despite ever more cost to us, our disease rate has continued to go up, particularly in the degenerative disease category. In fact we now have the highest degenerative disease rate in human history. Perhaps it is time to ask, what went wrong? The news reports large law suits for bribing doctors, lying to the FDA, hiding clinical data and fraudulent marketing. There are also current investigations surrounding data on vaccines being falsified and even inputting animal compounds to fake their effectiveness. Hopefully, these trials have taught us that we cannot continue to blindly trust the medications prescribed and those who are put in charge of supervising our health decisions.

During this time we have ingested, injected and plastered ever more chemicals into and onto our bodies. Chemicals are in our food, on our food, sprayed on our furniture, dwellings, farms and grounds. They are in our body and hair care products, household cleaners and in every medicine we take or apply. By now, most of us are walking chemical factories. And we wonder why we are fast becoming the walking dead?

The natural health industry on the other hand has always promoted another way, or at least suggested a combined approach to our health needs. This approach however, has been mostly ridiculed and given a bad rap by the mainstream media, Big Pharma and the so-called experts. An honest look at how nature and our bodies work, the things that makes us sick, and how to return to health and vitality, suggests that the ‘natural way’ just may be the way to go.

My many years in agriculture taught me to take notice of Mother Nature and understand how amazing she is. Subsequent to that, my last thirty years in natural health has shown me that the body has almost total repair ability given the right parameters to do so. The most important part of this process is to clean out the body from all the toxins and chemicals that our daily life inflicts on us. However, there are many chemicals that we do have total control over whether they get into our bodies or not. The biggest one is skin care and other body care products. Agriculturalists have known this for fifty years or more, and in fact, developed the process of getting chemicals through large animal’s thick skin for treatment of ailments. The skin of all mammals (and most other live critters) is an absorbable organ and chemicals can and do pass through it. Just imagine… eighty million molecules, or thereabouts, of non-life-giving chemicals from a daily regime of chemically infused skin creams getting into your blood. Your body was never designed to cope with these foreign and toxic substances and therefore has to put these chemicals away in a jail, which we call lumps or tumors. You could say we are self-inflicting a very slow but certain disease state and even death.

From my research, modern skin creams are one of the major causes of breast cancer as the breast is the organ the body creates its ‘jails’ in for non-life-giving compounds, chemicals and other toxins. My personal understanding and advice to all my clients is – Only put on your skin something you would eat. It ends up in the same place anyhow – your body. We all need to be smart, healthy and wise if we are to live a long and disease-free life. To do this we need to fully understand the causes of our ailments, and not look for a cure after we have poisoned our temples in the first place.


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