Anti-aging and Politics: Break Free from the Shackles of Illusion

By Denie Hiestand

Anti-aging, we all want it, some of us spend way too much money trying to make it happen, and most of us are in denial when it does not happen. Reality would suggest we are all living an illusion, in a very deluded state of mind. Anti-aging and American democracy go well together, you know, for the people by the people… not. For us to have any belief in the cosmetic anti-aging story is to show that we are about as short on gray matter as those who think that our elected politicians are always honest and work for our good.

Let’s get real, and understand that we started to age the second we were conceived. Not only that, but we started to die that very same second. Aging and dying is not the same thing. Aging is a linear measurement of time, and dying is the breakdown of our cells until finally our life support systems call it quits. The breakdown of our cells started in the first second of our conception, as did the measurement of our time. Therefore, time will march on, cells will break down, and none of us will get out of here alive.

What is it that compels us to empty our pockets on cosmetics to the tune of twenty billion dollars a year worldwide? I would hate to think it is the same degradation of our intelligence that we display when we think we have the ‘best’ and are the only ‘good’ country in the world. Maybe our intelligence or perceived lack thereof is not the issue. Maybe it is the near perfect propaganda that is thrust upon us on a daily basis by the very few in control of nearly all media, most means of production, and ninety percent of the money in this country. Most of the US conglomerates spend about as much on disinformation and half-truths, as do those who pull the strings in the political arena. It is not that we are delusional; it is just that we are living in a planned and created ‘illusion’ of what is. Most of us have no idea what exists outside the illusion that has been created for and around us.

There is no freedom, there cannot be democracy and there is no humanity, when the masses are living a delusional life based on an illusion created by the few.

America’s so-called democracy and the cosmetic industry are perfect bedfellows, they have both endeavored to cover up any truth and fool the very people that gave them their trust and wealth.

In the last seventy years, the cosmetic industry has enshrined in us to use skin and body care products infused with non-life-giving chemicals. The question must be asked, if we want to slow down the effects of that time-line called ‘aging’ why are we plastering non-life-giving, biologically dead chemicals onto our biologically alive, absorbable skin? Surely what we desire is to increase our life force, and to enhance our health and vitality in order to slow down the physical effects of age. To me, putting dead chemicals into and onto our bodies does not compute with our desire. Our bodies were never designed to use modern refined chemicals to give us life. However, they can, and very often do, give us death instead.

Perhaps we need to break out of the illusion we have been under and look to a different level of thinking. A level of thinking that will free our minds to understand what ‘life is’ and to embrace our body as the temple it is. Only then would our desire be to put in and onto our amazing temple the things that enhance life.

Is there such a thing in cosmetics you rightly ask? Something that gives life? Something that enhances life? All while helping the skin to hold its ‘young’ and healthy look longer into life? I believe there is. It is called ‘colostrum.’ All the research I have undertaken in the last eight years leads me to only one conclusion; that colostrum is the most powerful health and skin rejuvenating natural ‘food’ known to man. I originally developed a colostrum skin cream for my cancer clients to help their skin recover from surgery and radiation damage and it was soon used by them as their favorite beauty cream as well.

Now women and their families can use a natural, chemical free, life giving, anti-aging beauty cream that is from a different level of thinking, not only to obtain beauty, but to enhance and enjoy an abundance of life.

From an abundance of life, comes an abundance of free thought. From an abundance of free thought, comes the power to change our world and to free us all from the shackles of illusion.


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