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You rightly ask. Why do our products cost a bit more than some?
   Learn about The Value of theCream®
It’s a good question and you deserve an honest answer, so here it is (please, please read it all). Read More
   Straight Talk
In writing this I have no intention of making any medical claims or diagnoses. I am writing this as I live in a western democracy (the USA) which claims ‘free speech’, as pertaining to the sharing of ones thoughts, knowledge and insights as a basic tenant and right in that democracy. And in doing so I hereby invoke my First Amendment rights under the United States Constitution. Read More
100% Natural – 0% Bull
   theCream® is the Only Biologically Alive Skincare in the World
'theCream' only uses pure and effective natural ingredients. No chemicals. No heavy metals. No mineral oil. No petrochemicals. No alcohol. No parabens. No preservatives. No fillers. No added water. All formulations are waterless, which means they are in their most effective and concentrated form. All formulations are clinically tested and EU cosmetics safety approved. Read More
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Viewing 1 to 3 (of 11 items)


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