Your Skin’s Summer Needs
by Denie Hiestand
Your Skin’s Summer NeedsHydrate, hydrate, hydrate! That’s what we are told to do to keep our bodies alive and healthy and to help our skin stop from drying up. But it is impossible to hydrate our skin from the outside in – otherwise we could get all the hydration we need from a 20 minute shower! Our skin is our body’s largest organ and it is exposed on a daily basis to the rigors of the Summer sun and wind. It is important to keep our skin cells nourished so that the sun and wind do not deplete the skin of it’s necessary nutrients. Enter ‘theCream’ – a totally new innovative technology. It is turning the skin care industry upside down, which is why the logo for the company is upside down! The premise of ‘theCream’ is to feed our skin from the outside in, all the nutrients and goodies we need to survive the Summer sun, and to slow down the dehydration of the skin.
Mr. Hiestand (the creator of ‘theCream’) said, “It is not about lathering protective layers of sunscreen onto our bodies to stop the sun penetrating our skin, but rather nourishing the cells so that they are healthy and are not detrimentally affected by the ravages of the sun.” The sun is actually essential to our health and to helping to avoid the pandemic called cancer. It gifts us absorbable Vitamin D3 without which we would not survive very long. It is common knowledge that a lack of Vitamin D3, for example in places like Seattle which has limited sunshine hours in winter, can result in serious health issues, such as depression and lack of motivation or energy

Lack of Vitamin D has also been attributed to cancer. In an article titled “Slip, slop, crack, the vitamin D crisis”
2007-12-09, http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2007/12/08/1196813083745.html

Reid Sexton said that increased use of sunscreen was leading to serious health issues, including osteoporosis, colon, breast and prostate cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and other diseases.

On the Wikipedia website (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunscreen ) it is said that, “Adverse health effects may be associated with some synthetic compounds in sunscreens. In 2007 two studies by the CDC highlighted concerns about the sunscreen chemical oxybenzone (benzophenone-3). They first detected the chemicals in greater than 95% of 2000 Americans tested, while the second found that mothers with high levels of oxybenzone in their bodies were more likely to give birth to underweight baby girls.”

Unfortunately most sunscreens on the market stop the beneficial aspects of the sun’s ray penetrating the skin completely so that the Vitamin D is not available. And most of the commercial sunscreens on the market contain a whole plethora of toxic chemicals and ingredients that have been linked to cancer. This seems rather ironic. We are told to lather sunscreen on to stop cancer of the skin, but in fact by doing so we may be exposing ourselves and our loved ones to other disastrous consequences, such as breast cancer.

The solution? The creator of ‘theCream’ Mr. Hiestand suggests that if we keep our skin cells nourished with the necessary nutrients needed for skin health, then we can minimize any so-called damage from over exposure from the sun, and increase the benefits of being in the sun.

Mr. Hiestand has ingeniously combined a series of ingredients in ‘theCream’ that all aid skin health and has included a small amount of Zinc Oxide as a mild and safe natural skin protector without stopping the suns healthy benefits.

The Official Website for the State of Connecticut published this information:

“There are two basic types of protection afforded by sunscreens: mineral blockers and chemical absorbers. Mineral blockers form a temporary shield or barrier from sunlight, reflecting harmful rays away from the skin. The main blockers used in sunscreen are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. They are both good at blocking UV-B and thus preventing sunburn. Zinc oxide can also block the UV-A rays and has the broadest spectrum of protection of any single sunscreen ingredient….”

On the website, organicfacts.net, amongst many health benefits of zinc they also suggest that it can help with Eczema which they say is caused by a deficiency of zinc in the body; that zinc helps with Acne as it regulates the amount of testosterone in the body and helps with collagen synthesis and normalizing skin oils; and that zinc also helps with wound healing.

In another article by Sexton and Hall, it was recommended by Doctors that spending small amounts of time in the sun without sun protection was advisable to ensure adequate production of vitamin D (Sexton, Reid; Hall, Louise (2007-12-09). "Be sun-smart, avoid bone D-generation risks - National". Melbourne: theage.com.au. Retrieved 2009-09-25).

So get out in the sun and enjoy it but feed your skin ‘theCream’ before and after so that the cells are nourished and will have less likelihood of becoming thirsty and hungry whilst being exposed to the sun.

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