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How it works
Welcome to theCream Affiliate - Brand Ambassador Program
There are two ways to use this program.
Part 1- For computer challenged folks like most of us, and
Part 2- For computer lovers that love to ‘work’ an affiliate system.

Part 1 - The No computer way.
1. YES… Earn cash, get paid monthly.

2. NO computer necessary. No computer skills needed.

3. You sign up once, and we can do that for you over the phone…Just call us during normal business hours, M-F PST 1-702-685-8297.

4. After we load you into our new system, you will receive your Requested 500 free Affiliate Cards (see below for sample) with your name and photo (optional) and your personal ‘Coupon Code’ printed on it, plus ’theCream’ details. (You may Order additional 500 cards for $16.50, 1,000 cards for $20.00, 5,000 cards for $46.50, plus Shipping & Handling, from from this link..)

5. All you have to do is to give the Affiliate Card to your friends, family, and anybody you run into in your daily life, hairdresser, nail lady, work mates, coffee shop worker or (the lady waiting in front of you), bingo friends etc, and everybody and anybody.

6. Tell them to try the ‘BEST’ natural chemical free skin cream there is it’s the one you use.

7. Just tell them to enter the ‘Coupon Code’ into the coupon code box when they buy from ‘theCream’ website and they will get a 20% discount, every time. Yes, every time they use the coupon code they will get 20% off… for life.

8. AND now the best part…YOU will get a 20% commission on every purchase from everybody who used your coupon code…Yap, the more cards you give out and talk about ‘theCream’, the more commissions you get…FOR LIFE.

9. AND THAT’S NOT ALL…if the person you gave a card to, decided to also sign up for the program, the people that then purchased from that coupon code is still indexed to you. YOU get 10% of their commission as well… Yap, you are ‘Creaming it’. This program is two layers deep.

10. And that’s it. Easy, just talk about ‘theCream’ to all you meet and give out your business sized card to everybody and get your monthly check. (Your monthly payout is only paid if and when your commission reaches $100.00 or more).

NOW Part 2 - For all you computer workers who love to work an Affiliate program.
Go to ‘Step 1, Easy Signup’ below. You know how and what to do. If you get in a bind, call the office normal business hours Monday-Friday, Pacific time, at 702 685 8297.

And you can also Request 500 FREE Affiliate Cards and later you can Order Additional Affiliate Cards with your Affiliate Link (URL) and Coupon Code and use that, as well. Both Part 1 and Part 2 are the same system and can be used concurrently. Have fun and make some money!

Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Affiliate Program Terms for more information.

theCream Affiliate program benefits are:
  • 20% commission paid to you for each sale you generate.

  • Offer 20% discount to all your customers for life using your customized Coupon Code.

  • You earn commission each time a buyer uses your Coupon Code or your Affiliate Link, or both.

  • We will match our sales discount % to your Coupon Code % during special holidays, upon request.

  • If any of your customers become an Affiliate, you will earn 10% commission, calculated on the referring affiliates commission amount. See your Tier Linking code.

  • Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Affiliate Program Terms for more information.

    Join for FREE within minutes, without any technical knowledge, and start earning commission, using the world's first Bio Available Skin Cream!

    How do I join and how does it work?
    It takes 3 simple steps to get you setup within minutes:

    Click here to SIGNUP NOW within minutes or call us at 1-702-685-8297 during U.S.A. normal business hours and we will help you signup by phone. If you have already signed up, please LOGIN to your account.

    Shortly after you complete your signup, you will receive an automated email containing your Affiliate ID (number) and your Affiliate Link (URL) to use for tracking traffic generated!
    • Your AFFILIATE ID/NUMBER will be a three digit number (such as 100)
    • Your AFFILIATE LINK will be a URL, similar to: containing your 3 digit Affiliate ID/Number.
    Use your Affiliate Link throughout all your marketing and social media campaigns and login to your Affiliate account to track number of times the Affiliate Link has been used and how much commission you have generated.

    Within 2 business days from your signup, you will receive a third email with your custom COUPON CODE, which will earn you 20% Comission on all the sales generated using your Coupon Code, while giving your own referrals 20% savings on all their online purchases!
    You will receive your commission earnings via Check or to your PayPal account.

    Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Affiliate Program Terms for more information.

    STEP 4. AFFILIATE CARDS (Optional)
    Shortly after you receive your Coupon Code, you have the option of requesting 500 FREE 2x3" Affiliate Cards with your Name, your Affiliate Link (URL), your Coupon Code and Photo (optional), to help promote theCream and earn commission. To receive your 500 FREE Affiliate Cards, Click Here.

    Order Additional Affiliate Cards here.

    Read our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) for Affiliate program details.
    Feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have.
    Program Details and Benefits
    We've streamlined our program to ensure ease of use, while still maintaining extremely accurate tracking methods and marketing support materials.

    When you join our affiliate program, you will be supplied with a range of banners and textual links that you can place within your website, blog, list email etc.

    If you don’t have an email list or website you can request a custom coupon code that can be printed on a business card etc.

    You will also have access to marketing materials and training materials to help you fully understand theCream products and our affiliate program.

    When a user clicks on one of your links, they will be brought to our website and their activity will be tracked by our affiliate software. You will earn a commission based on your commission type.

    If your user decides to join theCream affiliate program you will earn a commission of their sales as well!

    Real-Time Statistics and Reporting!
    Login 24 hours a day to check your sales, traffic, account balance and see how your banners are performing.
    Connect with theCream and start your journey!
    Follow theCream on Social Media and signup for our Email Newsletter
    Signup for our Email Newsletter to be among the first to receive theCream Affiliate - Brand Ambassador Program updates and exclusive offers!


    How it works
    How it works

    Affiliate F.A.Q.
    Affiliate F.A.Q.

    FREE Affiliate Cards
    FREE Affiliate Cards

    Order More Cards
    Order More Cards

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