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Nourish and hydrate your skin cells with the world's FIRST BIO-AVAILABLE cream.

Leading natural health consultant, author, research expert and former successful New Zealand dairy farmer Denie Hiestand spent seven years formulating theCream.com Skincare Range which, contains none of the harmful additives found in the majority of commercial skincare products found today, but more importantly, theCream.com Skincare creams contain life-giving, cell nourishing ingredients which feed and nourish the skin.

theCream.com Skincare Range was a result of Denie's decades of dedication to studying the skin and toxins/chemicals in everyday cosmetics and personal care products and identified a strong link between the high usage of chemical personal care products and the growing rates of cancers, infertility, hormone imbalances, allergies and various other modern day illnesses.

theCream.com Skincare Range was initially offered only to his patients, who soon began to receive compliments on glowing, younger looking skin along with the many health benefits that Colostrum provided for their skin.

To give you the opportunity to try out Colostrum based 100% natural cream, we are offering FREE samples of our FACE cream. Try a free sample of our nourishing 75% bovine Colostrum based FACE Cream, that comes in 10 sachets (0.25 oz each). Just pay shipping and handling.

Questions about theCream.com Skincare Range or your sensitive skin? Email info@thecream.com or call to speak with someone in our Las Vegas office M-F 9-5 PST 1-702-685-8297.
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