Former New Zealand Dairy Farmer unlocks Anti-Aging and Skin Health secrets.
Authored by a highest level ‘big phama’ research scientist, who wishes to remain anonymous.
The market research firm Global Industry Analysts, projects that a boomer-fueled consumer base will push the worldwide market for anti-aging products from approximately $80 Billion now to more than $114 Billion by 2015.
This spending feast has spawned hundreds if not thousands of products and services from cosmetic surgery, nutritional supplements, to skin care, all claiming amazing results. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rarely crack down on false anti-aging claims and there is little protection for people who do not receive the hoped-for results. Mary Engle, director of the FTC’s division of advertising practices, said. “There are so many problematic ads out there and we really have to pick and choose what we focus on”. The FDA, which oversees cosmetic safety and labeling, does not require manufactures to prove the effectiveness of cosmetic products before they go on sale, and many ads make claims which critics say are exaggerated or unverifiable.

Perhaps all of this has to do with who is controlling the dollars. Skin care alone, by some estimates is approaching $20 Billion in annual sales and the largest part of this consists of chemical-based products, owned and manufactured by big pharma (the pharmaceutical industry), the same group who have deep ties to the FTC and FDA.

Consumer Reports, a US consumer advocacy group, has ventured into cosmetics several times, using high-tech optical devices and other scientific methods to assess skin care products. Last year the group tested a number of over-the-counter products. It stated. “After six weeks of use, the effectiveness of even the best products was limited, varied and fell short of the miracles that manufactures seemed to imply on labels”. The top rated product, Olay Regenerist, was less than 10% effective, with results “barely visible to the naked eye”. La Prairie Cellular, the most expensive product tested that retails at $335, was among the least effective. Similar conclusions were reached in the testing of 16 over-the-counter eye creams, the report stated.

However, even the consumer seems to be confused. On a web site called Makeupally.com, some customers raved about a product and others trashed it as a waste of money.

Enter Mr. Denie Hiestand, originally from New Zealand now living in Las Vegas. However, before we tie Mr. Hiestand into a new and exciting level of effective, healthy, anti-aging skin products, let’s go back 60 plus years.

Born Denis Alois Hiestand (number 5 of 7) on June 8, 1949 in Opunake, New Zealand, to a Swiss immigrant father and a mother from Swiss immigrant parents, he grew up on a dairy farm in rural New Zealand. Never excelling at school, Mr. Hiestand comments, “School was a place you went until you got home again. I never saw the point of it really”. Being somewhat an outsider and withdrawn at times, it was not until high school that things changed for the better. “Taking the engineering class was like coming home, in my head”, Mr. Hiestand recalls. “I got it - this was a place that made sense, how things worked. You added a little of something to molten metal and it changed everything about it. I could see it happen, in my head. Yay - my world was real after all,” he said. “English, well that was a different story,” he continues. “The written word has always been a bit of a mystery to me. How the hell do they get laugh out of larf? Yeah, it was bad. It wasn’t until years later that I was diagnosed with a form of dyslexia”.

Leaving high school Mr. Hiestand soon moved into engineering as an apprentice and excelled, getting the highest marks in New Zealand in 6 exams out of 6, got married and moved back to his roots, dairy farming, and excelled again. In his late thirties, he became immersed in natural health and how the body worked electrically. Twenty years ago, his life took him to the US. The author of two books, the first one, Journey to Truth, an honest and powerful reflection on life (now made into a documentary by Chesapeake Films, and has been awarded the, ‘Award of Merit’, by the Lucerne International Film Festival in Switzerland 2012), and Electrical Nutrition, published by Penguin Putnam, in New York. Electrical Nutrition has received many accolades from scientists and researchers around the world. He started to look at skin products when asked by his cancer clients if he could make a safe and effective natural skin product they could use. Denie Hiestand has spent the last 8 years researching and developing his Colostrum skin cream.

Colostrum is largely unknown to most ‘townies’, (all mammals - including us, make colostrum for 72 hours after birth and feed their young this life-giving super food) but to any farmer, it’s a different story. In fact, colostrum is possibly the oldest and most researched super food in all of human history. Its health, beauty and healing effects were recorded in ancient Egypt, the Ayurvedics of India and even by the old cattle tribes in Africa. In fact, every culture knew and used colostrum for their beauty, health and healing. In modern times, there is possibly more research published showing colostrum’s health and healing properties, including topical application for skin beauty and healing, than on all the drugs (chemicals) on the market today combined.

So, why does the public know so little about this super healing and skin beauty food from nature? Maybe follow the money… being a natural product, big pharma cannot patent it, and thereby can’t make mega bucks from it. Research shows that taking 3 grams of colostrum powder a day is far more effective and with zero adverse reactions, than any drug (chemical) based immunization program. Yet millions of liters of the most disease fighting, immune boosting and health giving natural food is not utilized for the good of the general public. Maybe this is about to change thanks to Mr. Hiestand.

Not having a higher education, Denie Hiestand is never-the-less often referred to by his colleagues as the Einstein of skin care, by some as a genius and by others as a conundrum. But, perhaps he is best summed up by Robert Kalan, MA Ed, a literary critic from Washington.

“Denie Hiestand is the most compelling, stimulating, frustrating, exhilarating, exasperating author I’ve read since D.H. Lawrence. He’s the same in person, as, from the many accounts I’ve read, was Lawrence. Agree or disagree with his methods and conclusions – or better still, find yourself engaged in a continuing dialogue with his words – and you’ll be better off for the experience. Just be ready for a wild ride…Unlike his conclusions, Denie’s journey is irrefutable. The voyage took place. And his message, at first glance so radical, is actually deeply conservative, going back to the Atomists of Plato’s era, Jesus and the Fathers of Christianity, and the core writings of Hinduism and Zen. It embraces the physics of Einstein and the quantum mechanics of Feynman, which Einstein couldn’t do… His message is so simple, it takes two books, so far, to help the reader scrape away centuries of rationalistic encrustation to convey it. The universe is energy. We are part of the universe. We are energy. Connect truthfully with the energy that is BOTH you and the so called “universe” and you can finally live a healthy, unfragmented life…Then, while you may feel like arguing this point or that, arguments he’d surely relish, just TRY to disbelieve that this man has made the journey he describes and by which he lives.”

Perhaps Mr. Hiestand’s genius is in the fact that he never received a higher education. Perhaps his mind was left open, uncluttered by the have-to’s and this is the way-it-is. Perhaps he has stumbled on a concept as old as time, but whose time has come. Dr. Stephen Blake, calls colostrum, ‘The Forgotten Miracle’ and goes on to say, “The unique property of bovine colostrum is that it is a universal donor for all mammals (that includes us). Colostrum contains a balanced proportion of growth factors that are required for growth and healing. I have found the colostrum cream is the best topical healing agent I have ever used in 26 years of practice. It contains Lactoferrins, which have natural antimicrobial activity. It contains essential oils and vitamin A, B groups, C, D and E, all 22 amino acids and trace minerals. I have used it on open wounds, suture lines, abscesses, ruptured cysts, warts, dry and moist dermatitis, insect bites, burns, etc and have found it to be the most effective product I have used in clinical practice.”

Mr. Hiestand uses colostrum to make his anti-aging beauty cream. But, this is not a normal cream. It is not a cream made with water, wax and oils and then a tiny amount of a few good things added in so they can be on the label (really chemically-laced water). No, this is the real McCoy. This cream is MADE from colostrum. Colostrum is the main ingredient, and it has a few other good things added to it. Never before has this been done with colostrum or any other bio-available natural food. And all of this has been achieved without adding chemicals, fillers, preservatives or water. He has used his depth of knowledge of quantum physics to create a harmonic balance that greatly enhances the activity of the combined ingredients. “Working with colostrum is a very delicate process”, he says. “If you destroy its Zeta potential (an electrical charge around a molecule) it does not work. It’s all about the energy fields of the molecules. It’s like notes in a symphony; all the notes have to be in the right place at the right time. All chemical skin creams and any that have biologically dead compounds in them, even so called natural ones, cannot interface with the energy field of the cells, thus they cannot activate any life giving or healing responses. Hence, the very poor effectiveness in results mentioned earlier”. ‘theCream’ is a very different level of thinking.

Could it be that Mr. Hiestand’s colostrum anti-aging beauty cream will be the next, biggest thing in the 20 Billion dollar beauty industry? This new colostrum cream should be in every Spa, Doctors Surgery, Home, Drug Store and on every Beauty counter in the country. Babies, children, moms and dads, and even our pets - everyone can benefit from this wonder of nature. Every skin cell that is damaged in any way will benefit, every cell in the body will receive a shot of life. This is God’s rules, not some manipulation of nature we call chemistry.

A former Miss World/USA (no name as she is under contract with another company), who lives in New York, and is one of the highest paid TV ad spokeswomen in the US says. “Skin is my life, I have tried every skin cream there is. All my life I have searched for the holy grail of skin care. I do not look any more, I use it. It is called ‘theCream’”.

Authored by a research scientist at the highest level in ‘big phama’, who wishes to remain anonymous.

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