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Colostrum is not milk.
Powerful Effects of Colostrum

Chapter 6. Electrical Nutrition - by Denie Hiestand
I have seen countless lambs and calves, showing next to no signs of life, so near death the only physical movement they could manage was a slow blink over deeply sunken and dry eyes, yet when given a few ounces of warm colostrum have been able to hold their heads up within minutes and voice their demands for more. In fact, I have had lambs brought into the house so cold and near death that normally I would have elected not to feed them. But within minutes of syringing colostrum into their stomachs, they have been running around the farm kitchen. That is the power of live colostrum. For many years now, I have been advising a large number of my clients, in particular some cancer sufferers and others with severe digestive disorders and chronic degenerative diseases, to find a source of colostrum.
Colostrum is not milk and does not act like milk in the body.
When we are born, our digestive systems and many other biological processes are not working-they had no need to, as we were living off our mothers' systems. The first fluid, called colostrum, that is expressed from the breast of mothers of all mammals, including humans, contains all the electrical triggers needed to start all functions and processes required by the body to function on its own.

The colostrum we recommend is collected from healthy New Zealand pasture-fed cows. The subsequent drying and processing of the colostrum dictates how effective the end product delivers this electrical messaging _to the body. The Symbiotics Pro-Line of colostrum, which can be obtained from the Electrical Nutrition Professional com­pany, is an industry-rated world best. (See Appendix A for more information.) It is dried and processed in the only purpose-built high-tech colostrum drying plant in existence by the world leader in dairy tech­nology - New Zealand.

The advantage of using colostrum in the disease-recovery and health-promoting arenas is that nature supplies no better messaging system to every cell in the body to encourage them to function as they were designed to. It also supplies the perfect and complete food to ensure that cells have the energy and vitality to do just that. There simply is no better disease-recovery mechanism in nature, because colostrum contains the electrical information t tell every cell to work and how to do it.

Incredible effects from taking colostrum have been reported with improvements in libido, menstrual problems, emotional imbalances, psoriasis, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, cancer, and on and on the list goes.

It was quite normal in the old days for the mother of a sick child to take that child to a neighboring farm and have the child suckle from the mother of a newborn. In those days, there was always one mother in the community who had just given birth. It was quite normal for children into their early teens to be treated with colostrum in this way. It has always amazed me that the medical profession has never em­ braced the use of bovine colostrum for the treatment of many common illnesses. Colostrum (bovine or human) is the most powerful life-giver or immune system rebuilder that is known to exist on earth. In my clinical experience, the battle against cancer can be dramatically aided by adding extremely high levels of electrically available enzymes, friendly flora, and herbs with the added input of high levels of colostrum. (See Appendix A for more information on obtaining such supplements.) Dr. Bernard Jensen was a great example of a man who battled with cancer and won, using-many of the electrically available enzymes, flora, and herbs we discussed. See his bookCome Alive (Bernard Jensen Intl.)

Colostrum can be mixed in with baby formula to supply the necessary colostrum components that are not contained in formula and that may also be missing from the mother's breast milk due to antibiotic coverage during the birthing process.

It is encouraging that some sectors of the scientific community are catching up to what natural health practitioners have been saying about colostrum for years.
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